Air Conditioner Recharge Service $85 LB

Air conditioner recharge service

If your home air conditioner is not cooling like it used to , the system may be low on refrigerant and may need additional refrigerant ( Freon ) added to the system to bring it up to proper operating levels.  A system that is not properly charged and has TOO much refrigerant in the system can also cause your system to cool your home poorly and almost double your electric bill. The service to correct this must be performed by a qualified EPA certified technician.

Premier Hvac can provide this service for you at affordable rates. The price for a recharge is $55 for the service and $85 per pound of refrigerant. This price is valid for R22 Freon refrigerant. Call and get your air conditioning recharged today.

We service Chicago and suburbs 7 days a week.

Call today 815-293-3770 or 708-968-0383


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