$49 Furnace or Air Conditioning Performance and Safety Check

Limited time $49 furnace or air conditioning performance and safety check ! Preventative maintenance is the best way you can prevent your furnace or air conditioner from breaking down when you need it most. You do not want your furnace to fail on Sunday night when the outside temperature is 10 below zero this winter. Not only is it a comfort issue but at temps that low your water pipes can freeze and burst withing hours if you do not have heat.

A/C clean and checkĀ 
The value of having a performance safety check is that the coil cleaning will help the ac cool more efficiently and protect the compressor.
Then having us check the rest of the ac unit is great for detecting problems that can cost you big bucks in the future. Catching a starting component while it is getting weak will potentially save your fan motor or compressor. There are other things we ( hvac techs ) look for that can save you from the sting of an expensive repair if we catch it early.
Furnace Tune-up / Inspection

1. What an annual inspection entails

It’s best to schedule your annual home heating checkup or service during the fall before the system is needed for colder weather. A basic tune up usually consists of a visual inspection of the heating system, which will include examining the system for corrosion, leaks, checking the air filter and ensuring proper ventilation.

Other basic tasks on our checklist will include checking the burners for proper ignition, burner flame and flame sensor, as well as testing with a highly sensitive carbon monoxide detector.

2. Tune ups help you avoid breakdowns

Having your home’s unit serviced annually ensures maximum performance of the heating system. The annual checkup reduces the likelihood of a malfunction occurring when you depend on the unit the most. If you defer a checkup of the heating system, you may save money in the short run, but if the unit breaks down, you can end up paying substantially more in terms of inconvenience and for the cost of emergency repairs.

3. A tune up can save you money

The U.S. Department of Energy states that heating and cooling equipment comprise 54 percentĀ of the average energy costs for a household. A heating system that operates at peak efficiency may rank high for homeowners looking for an effective way to save money on energy costs.

It is wise to have a professional technician inspect your system to identify deficiencies and necessary repairs before it becomes more costly to repair and correctly tune up.

4. Protect your home and family

Damaged, broken or poorly vented heating equipment unit can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. During an annual tune up, your HVAC technician should perform an inspection of your home’s furnace exhaust outlet in the chimney or direct vent pipe section for broken components and cracks.

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